Eat more vegetables. Fiber is one of the most important components of food. It is not digested by enzymes but is processed by the most beneficial microorganisms for the body. For good digestion, fiber should be consumed with every meal.

Drink more water. WHO recommends drinking water as you feel thirsty, with the average amount of liquid consumed during the day being 1.5 to 3 liters of any liquid.
Include nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.) in your diet. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of nuts, they contain extremely important monounsaturated fatty acids for humans, antioxidants, minerals, and much more.

Eat more fruits. It is not for nothing that the human body does not have a mechanism for the synthesis of vitamin C, so our ancestors lost it as unnecessary because they consumed enough fruits. Vitamin C deficiency has been known to cause scurvy, so be sure to include fruit in your diet.

Should you change your sleep pattern?

Yes, getting enough sleep is an essential secret to your well-being. It is known that hormonal restructuring occurs in different phases of sleep, our organs rest in different ways, some sleep, others secrete certain hormones. In order to ensure a complete rest of all body systems, it is necessary to remove all factors that interfere with sleep (food at night, tea and coffee, noise, etc.).

The main secret of a healthy lifestyle is to observe the regime of work and rest. It has long been proven that with an increase in the working day of more than 8 hours, labor productivity begins to fall. The reserves of the body are not unlimited. Also, too much rest causes apathy and loss of energy. It is necessary for a person to do something, but don’t do it to the detriment of your health.

How to lead a physically active lifestyle?

There is no secret, a healthy mind in a healthy body. We suggest you consider CrossFit exercises as a key fitness activity. CrossFit has long and firmly entered the list of the most popular fitness branches. Everyone knows what CrossFit exercises look like. CrossFit includes high-intensity functional-strength exercises that alternate with short breaks for rest and recovery. CrossFit workouts are made up of any exercise. Most often, combined CrossFit exercises are taken from different sports: gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, swimming, rowing, etc.

Within one CrossFit workout, the load is regulated by the number of exercises and the duration of their performance. During the training process, the exercises themselves are often modified to achieve maximum intensity. For example, first, push-ups are performed in a kneeling position, and when this option becomes easy, they switch to push-ups while lying on straight legs. So any CrossFit exercise can be complicated almost indefinitely: by adding weights, changing starting positions, including exercises with a partner, etc.