The evolution of the Crossfit concept

You’ve probably heard of Crossfit exercises, but we’d like to dwell on this fitness system in more detail. Why not? Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Channing Tatum, and Jessica Bill say their views on the sport changed once they tried a new fitness program. Before you try Crossfit, we explain the basic facts about it.

These exercises are trending. More and more “boxes” (gyms where CrossFit is practiced) are being opened everyday, showing the effect this sport is having on the fitness world. But how did it start?

Although it is considered a current trend and is even a registered trademark, it all started back in 2000 and was created by Greg Glassman. He used physical exercise (gymnastics) to regain strength lost to polio. In this disease, the greatest effect is muscle wasting. He later became a personal trainer and opened his own fitness center.
Crossfit exercises promote a healthy lifestyle, help improve physical condition and health, and even act as a preventative health measure.

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Unlike programs requiring special equipment, here, you are able to limit yourself to basic tools for weightlifting. For example, you will need bars, ropes, rings, loops, balls. Nothing supernatural! In addition to functional movement, it is about constant change. This strategy not only keeps the person engaged, but also allows them not to repeat the same exercises, which the body quickly gets used to and stops responding.

Affiliation system of Crossfit training

A crucial advantage of this concept is versatility. The athlete covers several sports areas, combining cardio, strength training, and gymnastics. This allows people to increase the effect of workouts.
It is almost a kind of protest by all those who want to make a change in the fitness world and try something new. In this type of training, more informal environments are preferred. For example, garages equipped with everything athletes need for comprehensive training. Fitness equipment like in the traditional fitness center is hardly used here.
This fitness branch is universal. Crossfit as a regulating entity works with the affiliation system. Around the world, there are so-called “boxes” that depend on the CrossFit brand and have to pass an aptitude test. There are currently around 13,000 boxes around the world!

The process of Crossfit workout

Crossfit is based on a large number of exercises and on the element of surprise: the athletes never know exactly what awaits them in the next training session. Several of these types of movements can occur in a CrossFit workout session: power, muscular endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, high intensity.
This training encourages competition: either a competition between the athletes or competition with personal willpower. Surviving each exercise round and self-discovery are two important concepts in the Crossfit world!
A 60-minute CrossFit exercise session varies greatly and is divided into such phases:

  1. warm-up
  2. transition exercises to prepare the athletes for the next phase
  3. Workout of the Day (WOD)
  4. final phase

Any workout doesn’t resemble the previous one. Movements in CrossFit can be adapted. Depending on the ability/experience/limitations of the athletes.

More than training…a family

Crossfit isn’t just about fitness training, it’s about much more than that. It’s like a family where everyone supports everyone else. Everyone sticks together and suffers together to reach the goal. It is a “clan” that welcomes anyone who wants to test their potential.

Anyone who has worked out in the gym alone knows that sometimes it is very difficult to force yourself to achieve your goals. But the presence of a reporting structure can play a vital role in maintaining motivation. This is another key aspect of the program: is that you work in a group. This means that you are in an atmosphere of healthy competition and feel better about individual progress.

Teamwork is crucial in CrossFit, in contrast to individual training. Although everyone is treated like family, members compete with each other and with themselves.
There are already world championships with a plethora of participants.
The advantage of Crossfit is its universal nature, there are no limitations of age and background.

Sample of a complex training

This high-intensity workout includes exercises that require the possession of a fairly complex technique. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare for training. If a person is absolutely unprepared for them, then the first training should be carried out under the supervision of a trainer and a doctor. It is necessary to properly distribute all the loads because only in this case the training will be really effective.

You can start preparing at home. It is important to use the simplest exercises that will be most effective but will not take much time. You can start training with a simple complex, which includes 5 exercises. They can be performed in turn in 3-4 approaches. The number of repetitions is about 12-15 times.

The training set includes the following exercises:

  • squats with dumbbells in hand (their weight should be approximately 5-10 kg);
  • push-ups from the floor from the legs. If this task is complicated for you, you can perform the exercise from your knees;
    lunges one step back without additional weight;
  • dumbbell row (weight – 5-7 kg). Standing position in an inclination;
  • twisting on the press.

To warm up, you can use a jump rope. With the help of the above set of exercises, you can prepare the muscles and the cardiovascular system for more intense and difficult workouts. Then increase the load and intensity, but do not change the program.

The better your fitness level, the greater your success in CrossFit. Many say, “Once you try, you don’t want to do anything else.” Nevertheless, you have to know your body, your limits, and your needs! Progress is the goal, so you keep improving as you train.